Friday, September 8, 2006

Renowned Muslim Peace Activist Heads New MAS Freedom Human and Civil Rights Division

New Division Will Focus on Human Rights and Liberties in the U.S. and Muslim World

WASHINGTON, DC - (MASNET) Sept. 8, 2006 - Internationally renowned peace activist, Ibrahim Ramey, has joined the Muslim American Society's Freedom Foundation (MAS Freedom) as director of its new Human and Civil Rights Division.

Ramey, who previously served as the non-nuclear proliferation chief of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, one of America’s oldest peace organizations, has been a tireless champion for global peace and reconciliation.

He holds UN credentials, and has been a U.S. representative and presenter at countless conferences on global peace, nuclear proliferation and international conflict resolution. Ramey is also one of the founding members of Muslim Peace Fellowship. In June 2005, Ramey was a part of MAS Freedom’s Abrahamic peace delegation to Darfur, Sudan.

Under Ramey's leadership the MAS Freedom Human and Civil Rights Division, which will monitor Human and Civil Rights violations and advocate pro-active measures in addressing these issues, will also work towards strengthening coalition ties with existing human and civil rights organizations in addition to conducting educational and advocacy campaigns that lend itself to grassroots, legal and legislative initiatives.

While focusing domestically on U.S. policies that impact human and civil rights, the new division will also focus on global conflict resolution, with special emphasis on the Middle East and Africa.

MAS Freedom Foundation Executive Director, Mahdi Bray, stated, "Truly, it is a blessing to have a person of Ibrahim’s experience as part of MAS Freedom. Having him as the driving force in our Human and Civil Rights Department will allow us to work more pro-actively around such important issues as racial and religious profiling, constitutional rights, immigration rights, torture rendition, civil liberties, human rights violations, arms export and proliferation and conflict resolution.

Bray added, "Certainly, having Ibrahim aboard allows us to further pursue our goal of maintaining one global standard of justice in the area of human rights and liberty."

If you’re interested in supporting MAS Freedom’s Human and Civil Rights Department, please contact Mr. Ibrahim Ramey at (202) 496-1288 or e-mail him at